EACH OF THE POSTS AND PAGES  published on this site represents many hours of research, and the purchase of original hats,  books  and vintage hat making equipment, as well as museum visits  etc.,  all  at my own expense.

Whilst I am pleased that the blog is being quite widely read, it is  extremely annoying to have found a large chunk of my research lifted in its entirety. ( In this case, to describe an item for sale on E-bay )   without reference to its source.        At the very least,   HISTORY ON YOUR HEAD   should have been given a credit.    It is entirely unethical to use other people’s work in this way.

I often find images from my blog on pinterest, and in the search images, and they always give credit to the site.

I should like to make it known that, henceforth, no reproduction of my researches  is to be made without prior permission, and that all the photographs of actual hats, and all  drawings are my own work and subject to copyright.

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